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How to Bolster Critical Thinking in Nursing with Virtual Reality

Coordination exam with virtual patient

In nursing, critical thinking is a vital and necessary skill. It’s not only critical thinking – clinical reasoning, clinical decision-making, and clinical judgment are all core components of nursing.  While the nuances of these terms have been much discussed, they are all interrelated and function together as nurses observe, analyze, and take action.  For example, […]

Unlocking Success in Healthcare: How VR Training Elevates Patient Care, Staff, and New Nurses

Woman in scrubs in VR headset

Virtual reality is a hot topic these days, particularly in healthcare education and training – and for good reason.  VR scenarios are helping learners across the lifespan of their careers. From junior learners working on building foundational skills to newly licensed practitioners transitioning to practice to advanced clinicians continuing their education, there’s something there for […]

VR: Supporting & Spanning the Nursing Career

Nurse applying nasal cannula for virtual patient

‘Tis the season!  Nursing students all across the United States are getting ready for graduation, preparing to sit for the Next Gen NCLEX, and gearing up for the transition to practice.  While a very exciting time, it’s certainly a transition to go from nursing student to practicing bedside nurse.  New nurses need support and mentorship, […]

What to Know About Curriculum Mapping with OMS

Students in VR headsets streaming OMS scenarios in lab

At a time when learners are most vulnerable, learning brand new skills, in a whole new world, and likely overwhelmed, it’s the educators who are steering and guiding them along the path to being fully-fledged clinicians.  As educators pioneer new waves of teaching and learning, there’s been a lot of adoption of AI-powered tech like […]

From Classroom to Clinic: Tackling the Academic Roots of the Nursing Shortage

Healthcare team debriefing

The nursing workforce shortage continues to be a global problem. While initiatives are in place, and there is renewed attention on recruitment and retention, other factors need addressing to solve the shortage holistically.  There is a clear decline in the number of students entering or applying to nursing schools in the United States and the […]

Choosing Your VR Partner: A Guide

Man in scrubs in VR headset

Ready to step into the wide world of virtual reality simulation? Need help kicking off your search to find the best VR healthcare company for you? Starting to update or progress an educational or training program can feel daunting. But, with the right partner, it can feel like you’ve got a knowledgeable guide. They will […]

Maximizing Educational Impact with Extended Reality

Inpatient virtual hospital room with virtual patient and nurse

Bringing realistic clinical simulations to life is no small task. Anyone who has been a part of a simulation day knows a thing or two about all the work that goes into it. So many decisions need to be made, schedules need to be aligned, and skills need to be developed – all in such […]

Virtual Reality: A New Wave for Simulation-Based Education

Woman in scrubs using VR headset

Whether in the classroom or the clinical setting, opportunities for learners to practice skills freely and in a safe environment are limited.  However, replicating real-world clinical scenarios is crucial in preparing students for practice and reinforcing knowledge and skills for clinicians.  This recreation of specific clinical situations is often referred to as ‘simulation-based education’, and […]

Leveraging Virtual Reality to Improve Maternal Care

Virtual maternity patient reclined in hospital bed

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is often a time filled with joy,  love, and anticipation as soon-to-be parents get ready both physically and mentally for a new chapter of life.  While pregnancy should be a time devoted solely to the excitement of bringing in new life, it sadly continues to be a […]