immersive simulation scenarios in VR


Oxford Medical Simulation provides a high-quality, customizable, evidence-based, cost-efficient alternative to traditional simulation; improving access at reduced cost.

Using Oculus Rift VR headsets, learners are immersed in virtual scenarios with fully interactive, acutely unwell patients. They must manage the patient as in real life, performing investigations, instigating treatment and interacting with their interdisciplinary team against the clock.

The environment, patient and other team members are fully interactive, with conversation and physiology adapting to user actions and treatment. Users then receive personal feedback, performance metrics and a guided self-reflective debrief.



OMS offers libraries of scenarios inspired by true clinical situations and validated simulation resources. These scenarios put learners under pressure in key clinical situations,allowing them to make mistakes in a safe environment. Learners can then reflect, review feedback and repeat to ensure they get it right first time in clinical practice.

To ensure validity and optimal transfer to clinical practice all scenarios are built by a team of clinicians, sim professionals and educational designers. Learning resources and institution-specific guidelines are integrated into scenarios.


Feedback from VR simulation

Learners receive fully personalized, objective feedback on their performance – identifying strengths and points for improvement in both technical and non-technical skills.

A period of guided self-reflection allows learners to identify their key learning needs and have optimal knowledge transfer to clinical practice.

Progress Tracking & Engagement Metrics

Institutions can manage learner access and view performance metrics with our integrated software – creating plans for individual learning needs to optimize performance improvement.

Learners can access a record of their scenarios, scores and feedback, allowing them to track and reflect on learning progress. 


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