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Giving your students flexibility to learn exactly what they need, anywhere.

Healthcare Systems

A customizable and scalable solution to address workforce training.

Ensure readiness to practice.
Foster lifelong learning with
VR training and assessment.

Assure compentencies with objective scoring and unbiased assessment for standardized, quality patient care.

VR for competencies
in action

"Doing the VR made me feel more confident in treating sepsis, and the biggest reason is because of the feedback." 

Sarah Huber, Quality Outcomes Coordinator Surgical Nursing, Carle BroMenn Medical Center
Healthcare team members reviewing on desktop
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Innovation in action

From applying foundational skills to assessing competencies and demonstrating readiness to practice, learn about the many ways OMS is impacting healthcare education from the people driving innovation. 

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Listen to what our clients say about their experiences using the platform.
Listen to what our clients say about their experiences using the platform.

Why OMS?

Individualize the onboarding experience, getting new nurses up to speed faster while saving educator time.

Auscultation with virtual patient

Standardize clinical training

Use standardized, competency-mapped scenarios to ensure alignment with protocols across departments and units.

Learner in VR headset with instructor guidance

Support nurses system-wide

Offer flexible delivery of training and assessment while fostering a culture of lifelong learning. 

Competency Mapping & Tracking feature

Assure readiness to practice

Conduct unbiased assessment of clinical competencies with an objective scoring system and robust data & analytics.

Reduce variability in care

Deliver standardized, repeatable scenarios on screen or in VR to ensure equity of access to quality training.

Build skills, reduce costs

Prepare learners for practice while reducing time, effort, and equipment costs.

of new nurses fall outside the acceptable range of competency
reduction in staffing and equipment costs when using OMS vs traditional methods

Keep nursing skills fresh across specialties

With 240+ customizable VR nursing scenarios across ED, MedSurg, peds, critical care and OB, you can
cover clinical nursing skills in any specialty

Align feedback with competency frameworks

Immediate, performance-based feedback helps collaboratively identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Integrate feedback insights to future practice with standardized, infinitely repeatable scenarios.

Identify and remediate critical knowledge gaps

Use advanced performance data & analytics platform to identify trends and gain insights on individual and cohort progress.

Competency assessment at every step

Objectively track progress towards key competencies, directly aligning actions in-scenario to core components of competency frameworks.

Build it your way

Adapt any simulation to fit your requirements with our no-code authoring platform.

Make scenarios your own

Align scenarios with your protocols, change case complexity, or modify chart information for added specificity to any clinical situation. 

Address errors head-on

Rapidly create new content to meet emerging learning needs in your institution. 

Individualize competence assurance

Adjust feedback to align with specific competencies or change scoring to fit existing assessment materials. 

Industry-leading support
Dedicated Success & Support Teams



Customer Success Team welcomes you and stays in consistent contact as you start your OMS journey.



Coordinated, individualized onboarding sessions for technologists, admins, and learners.


Regular check-ins

Frequent touchpoints to monitor and assess progress in achieving your objectives.


Impact review

Feedback and review session at the 6 month mark to ensure you continue to see value from the OMS platform.

Don't just take our word for it.
Hear from the people who knew the cost of not using OMS.

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