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What raising a Series A Funding Round means for our clients and partners

The team at OMS are delighted to share the news of our $12.6 million Series A funding round led by Frog Capital, existing investors and strategic partners. The formal press release can be found here but we also felt it’s important to highlight what this means for you, our clients and partners. 

You have all been instrumental in this journey and are the bedrock of the impact we create.

The journey

As you all know, we’re dedicated to training the next generation of nurses, doctors, and allied healthcare professionals. With 91% of graduating nurses feeling unprepared for clinical practice, we’re driving to address this transition-to-practice gap, allowing learners to practice any place, any time, without risk. This ensures that the first time they encounter a medical emergency, have a difficult conversation or perform a procedure they have already experienced it in OMS. 

From a single scenario and two employees in 2017, we have developed a category-defining simulation platform. 

We have built 240+ scenarios across ED, med/surg, clinic, OB, MH, examination, interpretations, procedures, communication skills and community settings – covering nursing, medicine, and allied health. We have diverse, AI-driven patients, from peds to elderly care. We have dynamic physiology, unwellness and emotion engines. We cater to all learning objectives with single player, multiplayer, hand control, voice control and multipatient scenarios. We have adaptive feedback and blended learning with advanced performance analytics and the capability to map and track competencies.

We continue to deliver in a way that is automated and flexible, on screen for accessibility and in VR for immersion. And now we have OMS Create to allow you to build and adapt OMS scenarios to meet your specific needs. 

But there is so much more to do, and there has never been a more important time to do it. And as building a team rapidly requires external funding, we decided to raise a Series A funding round to enable this scale.

What the funding means for you

Most importantly, it doesn’t mean a change in ownership, change in direction or in the people you work with – so you won’t see much immediate difference from the outside.

However, lots will be going on behind the scenes. It allows us to expand our offering across learner groups, including all levels of nursing and allied health. It allows us to rapidly expand AI development across communication skills and beyond. It allows us to build up our success team to help you make best use of the platform and it allows us to further support you in creating your own scenarios. Finally, it enables us to supercharge our R&D efforts – ensuring you remain at the forefront of educational innovation. 

Comments from leadership

“Every single OMS team member, from product to operations, from sales to customer success, has been pivotal in reaching this point,” said Dr. Jack Pottle, founder and Chief Medical Officer of OMS. “We have a phenomenal team and this funding reflects the impact of their work over the last seven years. 

But your role as our clients and partners cannot be overstated, and this investment is as much in your future as it is in ours. You are the heart of our mission; you are why we get up in the morning; and together we are cultivating a legacy of impact on healthcare professionals that is truly transformative. Thank you for all your support.”

Further information

Founded in 2017, OMS works with the world’s best institutions to support the healthcare workforce at every stage – from their first lesson in nursing school through clinical training and continuing professional development. Currently delivering over 35,000 simulations per month, OMS has proven to be as effective as the leading physical training methods, saving 74% on costs compared to traditional training, and allowing healthcare professionals to practice and time, any place, to improve patient care.


Not in the short term, and certainly not in a negative way. We will keep delivering everything we’ve done before, but this funding will allow us to do things better and quicker than ever before to keep you at the forefront of innovation.

Yes, the people we have at the moment are amazing, so we don’t want to change that! However, they can’t do everything, so we will be expanding their teams over the coming months. You may, therefore, see a few new faces, but the existing team are all staying right where they are.

We were in the fortunate position of not needing raise money. We actively chose to do so in order to grow rapidly, as there’s a huge opportunity to make a difference in healthcare right now.

As such there is no change in ownership or direction – our investors entirely support what we’re building and want to help us achieve that vision rather than change it.

No, we have no plans to change pricing. We are always exploring the best approaches to pricing models, so options may change over time, but that is not dictated by this funding round – rather by a desire to find the best fit for our clients.

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