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Virtual Reality: A New Wave for Simulation-Based Education

Woman in scrubs using VR headset

Whether in the classroom or the clinical setting, opportunities for learners to practice skills freely and in a safe environment are limited.  However, replicating real-world clinical scenarios is crucial in preparing students for practice and reinforcing knowledge and skills for clinicians.  This recreation of specific clinical situations is often referred to as ‘simulation-based education’, and […]

Leveraging Virtual Reality to Improve Maternal Care

Virtual maternity patient reclined in hospital bed

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is often a time filled with joy,  love, and anticipation as soon-to-be parents get ready both physically and mentally for a new chapter of life.  While pregnancy should be a time devoted solely to the excitement of bringing in new life, it sadly continues to be a […]

Using Your Voice: Communicating with Virtual Patients

Talking with a patient is one of the best ways for healthcare professionals to hone their communication skills – gathering history, explaining rationale, building rapport, or even having difficult conversations.

Changing the Face of Education: Virtual Reality in Curriculum

Virtual patient sitting in outpatient clinic room

In healthcare education, students often must retain a hefty amount of information, and on top of that, they must build psychomotor skills they can take with them into clinical practice.

Simulation is a well-known method to begin bridging the gap between knowledge and practice, and while it certainly has a place in healthcare curricula, it also has its limitations.