OMS Requirements

  • OMS will provide:
    • Access to a 5-scenario library that the client can design to meet curriculum needs.
    • Access to institutional and learner accounts.
    • Webinar and online training to facilitate setup.
  • Access to the OMS platform will be provided free of charge until for 60 days.
  • At the end of this period access to scenarios will be removed unless the client has requested ongoing access as part of a paid plan. There will be no compulsion to do so.

Client Requirements

  • The client must agree with legal terms in a mutual agreement – this will be provided after the initial engagement call.
  • The client must engage in the setup, training and evaluation process.
  • The client must manage and adequately support their learners to ensure efficient use.

OMS Reservations

  • For support reasons, complimentary access is provided to institutions in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand only.
  • The following are not provided during the complimentary period:
    • On site train the trainer and support.
    • Ability to customize scenarios.
    • Ability to edit feedback.
    • Ability to access multiplayer and interprofessional scenarios.
    • VR capability. OMS will only support OMS Distance (2D, on screen mode) in this 60 day period – full VR support will require an additional license.
  • Faculty support will be limited to two individuals per institution.
  • OMS reserve the right to decline or delay entry to the complimentary access period at its absolute discretion.
  • OMS reserve the right to limit support to an institution with excessive ongoing support requirements.
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