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Blood Gas Interpretation

Uncompensated Metabolic Alkalosis [SIG003US]

This is the blood gas result for Boris Medvedev for scenario SIG003US

Clinical Picture

  • 40-year-old male presenting with vomiting
  • Patient is alert and responds appropriately; generally unwell
  • Known history of alcohol use disorder
  • Tachycardic and hypotensive



  • Sample type: Arterial
  • pH: 7.49
  • PaCO2: 44
  • HCO3: 32
  • Base excess: 8
  • PaO2: 90
  • Sats: 96
  • Acid-base balance: Abnormal
  • Other parameters: Hyponatremia and hypokalemia



  • pH, HCO3, and base excess are not within normal limits on this blood gas (alkalotic). Sodium and potassium are not within normal limits.
  • The alkalotic bicarbonate (HCO3) and base excess match with the alkalotic pH, consistent with a metabolic alkalosis. The normal PaCO2 indicates compensation has not yet occurred; therefore, this is an uncompensated metabolic alkalosis, such as that commonly found in persistent vomiting.


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