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In It To Help You Win It: OMS Customer Success

You’ve done your research, vetted your options, and chosen a VR partner, but what happens after you get started with OMS? 

At this stage, it’s just the beginning of your implementation of VR, so it’s imperative that you feel supported and guided through the process. 

At OMS, Educational Specialists and Customer Success Teams work hand-in-hand to ensure that you’re supported throughout the sales and onboarding processes. 

Educational Specialists are clinicians, educators, and simulation technologists who often use their knowledge to assist clients in understanding VR use in healthcare education and training. They consult and collaborate with you in the development of curriculum mapping, so you can know that you’re getting the right scenarios to fit what you need, meet key learning objectives, and provide learners with what they need to succeed.

They have the clinical and educational backgrounds to be able to help faculty understand the educational impact of VR, and because they are well-acquainted with course structures, different learner types, learners’ needs and what’s appropriate for them, they can help you to plan for the use of VR, as well. 

Once you’re ready to implement VR and onboard your learners, educators, and trainers, a Customer Success Team member will work with you to ensure it all goes smoothly and provide you with the tools you need to have a successful experience with VR. 

What is customer success?

In short, the Customer Success Team works with you to facilitate your use of OMS. They are experts in the platform and work with you to create a plan of action for implementation and onboarding. 

They have a robust understanding of how the platform works, how accounts are structured, how access can work, and how best to train people in OMS.

They’ll help you create defined goals to know more about what success will look like for you and your learners, and they’ll provide all the training and support that you need in order to get there.

As you make decisions about what types of scenarios to use or how many learners you’ll onboard, your CS will help you determine how you want to implement. They’ll work with you to determine:  

  • Goals you want to achieve
  • Pain points you want to address
  • Impact you want to have
  • Implementation schedule

From the high level to the minute details, your CS will help you put together a joint impact plan to help you meet your objectives and make sure you’re all set up and ready to get going. Because there are no standardized benchmarks, milestones are created collaboratively, always aligning with your needs and goals.

How does customer success provide support?

Once you have gone live, your CS will consistently check in with you to ensure it’s all going to plan and will proactively troubleshoot as needed. 

As you move through the onboarding process, your CS will provide you with resources like videos, walkthroughs, guides, or how-to’s. These resources can be made custom and are there to help your staff and learners get acquainted with the platform quickly and easily, without ever needing to create a PDF guide yourself. 

Your CS will also be able to make visits to you on-site, which can be invaluable during the beginning stages of implementation. From hosting a training day to a first onboarding session, they can work with you to kickstart your program between faculty and learners. 

In some cases, dedicated support hours can be made available, meaning you or your learners can easily book time one-on-one with a member of the Support team to further help you with any questions or concerns. 

No matter what your confidence level is with using VR, your CS will be there to guide you along the way or troubleshoot any difficulties. They can recommend best practices from things like how to run group versus individual sessions all the way down to what type of cable you should use to connect your headset to a computer or larger screen. 

As you become more comfortable and independent with your use of OMS and VR, your CS will remain available, and they’ll touch base for a check-in call down the road. Additionally, your CS will put together an end-of-year usage report for you, so you can better understand how your learners engaged with OMS throughout your program. 

The Customer Success Team at OMS is there to listen first and creatively solution with you to ensure you’re getting all that you can out of your VR experience. 

There are endless possibilities for what you can achieve with VR and how your CS can help you get there. 

They’ll remain an easy point of contact for you, and they’ll consistently check in to ensure you’re getting the most out of your VR experience. They’ll remediate or flag issues and work to ensure problems are resolved without landing on you or a staff member’s plate. The Customer Success Team is there to make your experience on the platform seamless and to provide you with what you need to meet your goals and learning objectives. To learn more about how to make the most of your VR experience, get in touch with us here.

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