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Healthcare Systems

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Clinician Decision Making in Virtual Simulation

Healthcare professionals, like nurses, doctors, or occupational therapists, make an incredible number of decisions per day. In fact, nurses working in critical care actually make decisions almost every 30 seconds, adding up to about 960 decisions made in a single shift of work.

Bolstering Learning Through Debriefing

You’ve done the prep work, completed the simulation, and now it’s time for your debrief – one of the most critical components of the entire simulation experience. 

Why is that? 

Deliberate Practice Makes Perfect?

cardiac auscultation inpatient

It was long-thought that education plus experience equals expertise, but nowadays, it’s clear that there’s more to that equation.

There’s a lot of complexity in mastering a skill and consistently performing at a high level. 

Can maternity simulation really be pain-free?

As a simulation professional, you or your team have likely considered the possibility of adding maternal simulation to your curriculum.

There are many benefits to doing so – providing sought after opportunities to learn ‘hands-on’ techniques, preparing learners for certification and making-up for missed clinical opportunities, just to name a few.